Monday, November 1, 2010

OPI Glitter Comparisons (OPI Simmer And Shimmer and Absolutely Alice)

Index and ring (Simmer and Shimmer) and middle (Absolutely Alice). Absolutely Alice is darker and the glitter particles are smaller and Simmer And Shimmer has a more silvery appearance. They are both gorgeous! They also have a gritty feel when dry. But, we all know that removing the glitter is a pain. Don't try to remove all the glitter from one nail at once. You can try to remove the glitter much easier by wiping each nail several times and then coming back to the first nail when you are finished with the last. Try to repeat this until all the glitter is gone. Good luck!


  1. i realised that the glitters from the burlesque collection have alot of silver in them too...very bling though!! xx

  2. I must admit that I prefer Alice :)

  3. I definitely prefer Alice :)

    Thanks for sharing!