Monday, February 27, 2012

OPI Designer The Better From The OPI Muppets Collection 2011

This is not your usual foil. It has fine coppery glitter disseminated throughout the polish. It is a gorgeous polish, but for me, it doesn't work because it is too shy. I need strong, bold colors, I need bling bling that will scream "In your face!" things like that. So, I layered it with the Muppets glitters and the result is amazing (which I'm going to show in my next post).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OPI Muppets Glitters Over OPI Warm & Fozzie

I layered some of the OPI Muppets glitters over OPI Warm & Fozzie and the result is not fabulous but it does look good. I don't understand why the big, hexagonal, silver glitters photograph blue in the sun. Any way, from thumb to pinky: OPI Gone Gonzo, OPI Divine Swine, OPI Fresh Frog Of Bel Air, OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It.

Monday, February 20, 2012

OPI Warm & Fozzie From The Muppets Collection 2011

Hi everyone! I know that I haven't been posting for a while now. I could find thousands of excuses, but the truth is I did not feel like posting anything. Maybe, the real reason is that my nails broke and every time I tried growing them again, they broke off. Now, they are better but one of them still has that tendency to break.

I have a lot of older photos that I would like to show you. First, I would like to finish the OPI Muppets Collection and show you how wonderful the glitters are layered over the foils.

So let us start with OPI Warm & Fozzie, a brown foil with very fine coppery green glitter. I love this nail polish and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I don't like brown coloured nail polish or clothes so I did not expect to like it as much as I do.

Photos below are 2 coats: