Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orly Sugar Coated Collection

From left to right Orly Taffy, Orly Bon Bon, Orly Meringue, Orly Cupcake, Orly Petit Four.

Orly Cupcake, 2 coats.
      It is a pink creme (it isn't sheer at all).
It has a slight blue hue.
This is not a light pink.
I like this pink a lot!
The application is flawless and the formula
reaches opacity in just two coats.

 Orly Bon Bon, 3 coats.
This one is really an amazing colour.
But there is a downside to it.
It is very sheer and you can't completely cover it in 3 coats.
Because I applied 3 coats, SURPRISE, I've got bubbles.
In spite of the downside, the colour is amazing.
It is a true lilac. It is one of my fave nail polishes of all time.
If you are careful with the application, you can achive a good manicure.
In this swatch I was in a hurry but in other times I could pull it off.
Excellent colour!

Orly Taffy, 2 coats.
 A light pink with tiny hot pink\orange flakes.
It is slightly sheer, as you can see, it can't completely cover in 2 coats.
It applies very well and I didn't have any problems.
I am sure that pink lovers out there will love this colour.
I personally like it.

 Orly Petit Four, 2 coats.
A light plummy-purple-lilac kind of colour.
It is a little difficult to describe but it is a gorgeous colour.
Flawless application and it covers in two coats + it is creme. 

Orly Meringue, 2 coats.
 At the beginning I was skeptical about this colour.
I thought that it will be extremely sheer.
But for my surprise, it wasn't.
It is a white creme and has a fine orange shimmer.
In the end I was happy with it.

Overall this collection is wonderful.
I like each and every one of the nail polishes.
I think I missed one, Rock Candy.
With the exception of Bon Bon, the formula is perfect!
Bon Bon is worth the risk, because it is one of the best lilacs on the market.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

French Tip Mani

Orly Green Apple, 2 coats and L'oreal
French Tip White as french tips + O.P.I Top Coat.
This green nail polish is a very good candidate for
french tips. This is one of the best green nail polishes out there!
It is truly an apple green.

L'oreal Dozen Red Roses, 2 coats and L'oreal
French Tip White as french tips + O.P.I Top Coat.
A red with a slight hue of magenta.
It has a good shine and a very good application.