Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Orly Bloom Spring Collection 2010

From left to right: Wandering Vine, Blushing Bud, Wild Wisteria.
Yesterday I received some goodies from Orly.
 I've got 3 nail polishes from this collection. They are spectacular, vibrant, full of pigments and the formula is excellent. They apply like a dream and they are extra glossy. All of the photos were taken outside. The first one is taken in sunlight and the second one is taken in shade.

Orly Wandering Vine, 2 coats.
It is a lighter and more vibrant version of Orly Enchanted Forest.
I think this is the green that most of us were expecting from OPI  
 Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow. It's green on the nails not    
black like OPI. This is the green I was waiting for.

Orly Blushing Bud, 2 coats.
What can I say, I can't get enough of fuchsia. This is my
guilty pleasure. It's a superb fuchsia with a blue undertone.
It applies like a dream and the formula is owsome!
You don't need a top coat. It has a wonderful gloss.

Wild Wisteria, 2 coats.
This is indigo! I love indigo but many polishes tend to
have too much blue in them. This polish, on the other hand,
is the closest to indigo. Could be simillar to OPI Sapphire In
The Snow. Maybe I will make a comparison. Anyway,
this is the indigo that I was looking for. I love it, love it,
love it!

Thank you Orly for this vibrant collection.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Orly Metal Chic Metallic Collection Swatches

From left to right: Orly Solid Gold, Orly Iron Butterfly, Orly Glam Rock

These are very sophisticated nail polishes.
In the bottle they look a bit dull but when you put them on your nails, they look amazing. They are very addictive and you can't get enough of these. You can wear them without a top coat or with a top coat, it just depends on your style. They are spectaculare! I love them!

Orly Solid Gold, 2 coats

This is a metallic mate gold with silver shimmer and a very slight red shimmer.

Orly Solid Gold with top coat (Orly Glosser).

Orly Iron Butterfly, 2 coats.

This is a metallic matte charcoal with  a silver shimmer.

Orly Iron Butterfly with top coat (Orly Glosser).

Orly Glam Rock, 2 coats.

This is a metallic matte gold with strong red shimmer that makes this polish copper.

Orly Glam Rock with top coat (Orly Glosser).

This photo was taken in sunlight and it is slightly darker than in real life.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

China Glaze Khrome Collection Swatches

Hi Khrome fanatics! It's your lucky day today!
I have got 3 khromes for you today from the China Glaze Khrome collection: Millennium, Metallic Muse and 2030. They are amzing. For the first time I can apply a mettalic without any problems. You need only 1 coat and be aware, don't use a base coat. They are very good for konadicures and french tips. I tried the french tips and they are amazing. Thank you China Glaze.

China Glaze Millennium, 1 coat.
Sterling silver full stop.
 I rest my case.

China Glaze Metallic Muse, 1 coat.
Mettalic pale blue with very slight tinge of green.
This is lighter in real life.

China Glaze 2030, 1 coat.
Gold with just a small tinge of pink.
This is darker in real life.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orly Bloom Collection Review

■Thorned Roses – Red Wine Creme
■Blushing Bud – Pink Creme
■Wild Wisteria – Blue Purple Creme
■Ginger Lily – Burnt Orange Shimmer
■Wandering Vines – Green Creme
■Pure Petunia – Purple Mauve Creme

Sunday, December 6, 2009

China Glaze Up & Away Collection Review

Grape Pop Bright plum
Sugar High Petal pink
Something Sweet Cotton candy
Light As Air Periwinkle
Heli-Yum Raspberry
Flyin’ High Teal
Four Leaf Clover Kelly green
Re-Fresh Mint Spearmint
Peachy Keen Nectar
High Hopes Guava
Happy Go Lucky Sunshine yellow
Lemon Fizz Banana

They will be available in Jan/Feb 2010

What do you think?
Which ones do you like?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Other Addiction

Today I was playing around with Jewelleryonpc and decided to show you some designs I made with this software.

This is a Brilliant cut Pink Tourmaline set in platinum.

This is a Marquie cut Diamond set in antique silver.
You can see the influence the background colour has on the stone.
If you don't want the background colour to influence the gemstone, you can always change the stone's transparency.

   Here is a Pear shape cut with Blue Topaz.
   As usual, you can rotate it, change its transparency, zoom in and out etc.

The pear shape Blue Topaz set in antique silver.

Here is a demo of the software that I found:

I found this software a couple of months ago and can't stop using it.
It is really amazing because you get to see the gemstones as if they were in real life.
For the first time I can see the different kinds of cuts.
As a bonus they have got a lovely description for every gemstone and cut, where you can find amazing facts about them.
Thank you Jewelleryonpc for creating this wonderful software for designing my own jewellery and for giving me hours and hours of enjoyement.

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orly Sugar Coated Collection

From left to right Orly Taffy, Orly Bon Bon, Orly Meringue, Orly Cupcake, Orly Petit Four.

Orly Cupcake, 2 coats.
      It is a pink creme (it isn't sheer at all).
It has a slight blue hue.
This is not a light pink.
I like this pink a lot!
The application is flawless and the formula
reaches opacity in just two coats.

 Orly Bon Bon, 3 coats.
This one is really an amazing colour.
But there is a downside to it.
It is very sheer and you can't completely cover it in 3 coats.
Because I applied 3 coats, SURPRISE, I've got bubbles.
In spite of the downside, the colour is amazing.
It is a true lilac. It is one of my fave nail polishes of all time.
If you are careful with the application, you can achive a good manicure.
In this swatch I was in a hurry but in other times I could pull it off.
Excellent colour!

Orly Taffy, 2 coats.
 A light pink with tiny hot pink\orange flakes.
It is slightly sheer, as you can see, it can't completely cover in 2 coats.
It applies very well and I didn't have any problems.
I am sure that pink lovers out there will love this colour.
I personally like it.

 Orly Petit Four, 2 coats.
A light plummy-purple-lilac kind of colour.
It is a little difficult to describe but it is a gorgeous colour.
Flawless application and it covers in two coats + it is creme. 

Orly Meringue, 2 coats.
 At the beginning I was skeptical about this colour.
I thought that it will be extremely sheer.
But for my surprise, it wasn't.
It is a white creme and has a fine orange shimmer.
In the end I was happy with it.

Overall this collection is wonderful.
I like each and every one of the nail polishes.
I think I missed one, Rock Candy.
With the exception of Bon Bon, the formula is perfect!
Bon Bon is worth the risk, because it is one of the best lilacs on the market.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

French Tip Mani

Orly Green Apple, 2 coats and L'oreal
French Tip White as french tips + O.P.I Top Coat.
This green nail polish is a very good candidate for
french tips. This is one of the best green nail polishes out there!
It is truly an apple green.

L'oreal Dozen Red Roses, 2 coats and L'oreal
French Tip White as french tips + O.P.I Top Coat.
A red with a slight hue of magenta.
It has a good shine and a very good application.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Color Club Flower Power Collection Part 1

Index: Yell-Oh!, Middle: 220 Volts, Ring: Blue Light, Pinky: Wild Child.

Thumb: Orange Revenge, Index: Lazer Pink, Ring: Pink Flame, Pinky: Power Play.

Color Club Yell-Oh!, 3 coats.
A neon highlighter yellow.
This is one of my favourites.

Color Club Pink Flame, 2 coats.
In the picture, it is brighter than in real life.
It is a pale hot pink.

Color Club Orange Revenge, 2 coats.

Color Club Orange Revenge, 2 coats.
The most brightest orange I have ever seen!
A truly unique colour.
It is neon and the slight matte texture gives its bright and
truly stunning colour.
This isn't like the other neon matte.
It is slightly glossy just like the other colours
in this bright collection.
The second photo shows the colour best!

Color Club Lazer Pink, 2 coats.
A very beautiful candy pink that stand out from the crowd.
An amazing colour like this is very hard to find.
In real life it is more lighter that in the picture, without the blueish tone.

Color Club Blue Light, 3 coats.
This colour is a baby blue that I wanted very badly!!
It is more lighter in real life.
I will have to give this 3 thumbs up!

Color Club Pink Rush, 2 coats.
A trully unique colour!
It is very hard to photograph this neon collection and capture the real colour.
I would have to say that this hot pink is leaning to red.
One thing for sure is that this colour is a must have
from this collection.

Color Club 220 Volts, 2 coats.
Another blue... that stands out from the crowd!
It is very close to the picture, maybe a little bit lighter.
A vibrant blue that has something special.

Color Club Power Play, 2 coats.

Color Club Power Play, 2 coats.
 A fruitful purple leaning towards hot pink with a slight blue tone.
OMG, it is so hard to describe this flattering colour.
Like 220 Volts, it has something special.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NOTD: Nail Art

Today I have tried, for the first time, polka-dots.
It is fun and easy to apply.
I encourage you all to try this.
Here are some photos of my current NOTD, Orly Green Apple as a base and Color Club Lazer Pink as the polka-dots.
If anyone asks, I have used a toothpick to make the dots.

You have to be patient because this takes a very long time to dry.

Orly Green Apple - base, 3 coats and Color Club Lazer Pink - polka-dots.

Orly Green Apple - base, 3 coats and Color Club Lazer Pink - polka-dots

China Glaze Kicks Collection

I have got only 3 nail polishes from Kicks collection.
I would like to have more (especially the blue ones)
but at the moment, these are the 3 colours that I
have got from this vibrant collection.

China Glaze Entourage, 3 coats.
It is a spring green with a fine, visible
shimmer. It is almost similar with
Orly Green Apple but darker and
with shimmer. Love it, love it, love it!
(I love green nail polish.)
China Glaze Entourage, 3 coats.

China Glaze Laced Up, 2 coats.
A warm, light, hot pink.
Excelent formula.

China Glaze Paper Chasing, 4 coats.
WOW! Another excellent green nail polish
with a metallic shimmer.
Two greens in a single collection.
That is very impressive!
It is a deep green, just like in the picture.
This colour is very distinctive.
The downside is that it is sheer and you
need at least 4 coats.
I was tempted to add the fifth coat but I
stopped myself just in time.