Monday, October 18, 2010

OPI Extra-va-vaganza! (Burlesque Collection 2010)

Extra-va-vaganza! is a mix of mainly orange and gold glitter. You can also see some blue and green glitter as well. This is three coats and the application was flawless.


  1. i really like the collection, i have a question is it a gritty feel when dry. because they looked so loaded that it might be. i'm undecided with this buy/not to buy when it comes to glitters i really like the blue,purple,pink one .

  2. Gorgeous! I don't even mind the grittiness.

  3. i just bought this collection myself, my last post was a haul of this collection & others! i loved it so much i bought the whole lot lol! love love love it! xx

  4. aaminahs mom
    They do have a grtty feel but I think they are worth it.

  5. i really looooooooooooved this nail polish! =)
    and your nails are also beautiful! XD
    thanks a lot for following me in my blog.
    and i also have cats, but kitties. =D

  6. this is just so awesome! Love this mani