Thursday, September 23, 2010

O.P.I Burlesque Collection Preview

I can't wait for this collection to be released. The glitters are gorgeous.

 First row, left to right:
Simmer & Shimmer - Blue Glitter
Show It & Glow It! - Fuchsia Glitter
Sparkle-icious - Multicolor Glitter
Let Me Entertain You - Fuchsia Shimmer
Ali’s Big Break - Red Shimmer
Tease-y Does It - Burgundy Shimmer

Second row, left to right:
Bring On the Bling - Golden Glitter
Glow Up Already! - Green Glitter
Extra-va-vaganza! - Orange Glitter
Rising Star - Golden Shimmer
Take the Stage - Orange Shimmer
The Show Must Go On! - Pink Shimmer


  1. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE!!!!!! OPI does some pretty amazing glitters and this collection has such a variety of colors holy crap!

  2. I, myself am excited about this collection. It is amazing. =)

  3. you don't need to wait very long. Transdesign will have these next sunday! I'm cancelling all my appointments for that day ;-)

  4. Why can't the PR department release pics that are actually of the bottles? I mean, seriously. *sigh* Either way, I can't wait to *really* see these.

  5. Oh wow, I need them all, must have!

  6. They all look pretty awesome, but I won't be buying them cuz they are too expensive here.

  7. Megan Harmeyer
    I know, it really bothers me too.

    You could try
    They ship worldwide.