Saturday, August 21, 2010

Orly Cosmic FX Collection Part 2

Orly Cosmic FX Collection is one of the most spectacular, mysterious and wonderful collections of all time. Each having a perfect application, it's hard not to love this collection.

Orly Space Cadet is the most duochrome of the collection. The base color is...forest green?... Unbelivable, it is forest green! I posted a picture with only one coat to show you the base color. As you move the hand, the color changes from plummy purple with green irridesence to plummy greenish purple with green irridesence. You must see it to believe it. I didn't like it when I saw it on other fellow nail polish blogs. But when I saw it up close and personal, I was stunned. It is gorgeous! This is three coats.

Orly Out Of This World is the least duochrome of the collection. It is packed with lots of fine, shimmery pink and bluish pink glitter with a smooth finish. The base color is a wonderful purple with a slight green undertone. Despite the fact that it is the least duochrome, it is one of my favorites. This is two coats.

Orly Galaxy Girl is slightly duochrome with a plummy purple base colour. It is also packed with lots of fine blue, turquoise and green glitter with a smooth finish. This one reminds me of OPI We'll Always Have Paris but without the glitter. This is two coats.


  1. I just ordered Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet. So excited to get them!

  2. I love Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet, my order is on its way :)

    Thanks for the swatches, great post!