Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zoya Jancyn From The Zoya Flash Collecton 2010

I don't know why this colour reminds me of sunflowers. I am not an orange loving person but this orange, I will have to admit, is quite stunning! It's a true orange not leaning to red or yellow. This is a ripe apricot shade. The application was good in three coats and this is creme.


  1. pretty on you- me and orange maybe a pedi.. nice posts

  2. I 'love' oranges and this is a really nice one. Looks good on you.
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  3. I really like this colour, it's a really artificial orange (I mean that in a good way!) :-)

  4. Omg, your nails are so long! I hope mine will be as beautiful as yours are some day... <3 Wish me luck, haha! ;)

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