Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A post dedicated to Nihrida and Gildedangel

Nihrida and Gildedangel, your are two of the nicest bloggers! You always have nice things to say about my blog posts. I wanted to thank you with making a post just for you! This is my watermelon and this is the first time I grew something in my garden. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it grow! I am going to keep you all posted when my watermelon will grow bigger.


As an extra, here are some pictures of my wonderful cats, Tiger and Tom!


  1. That is sweet and you know what? They deserve it! =)

    Hope your watermelon turns out big!
    And you have lovely cats.. ;)

  2. Awww, thank you, this post is so sweet! I love your blog so I love leaving comments! Please keep us posted on the watermelon, it is so cute! I remember that my mom used to grow pumpkins and I remember when they were little green things like that little watermelon. I can't wait to see it grow! And the kitties are adorable! *wants to reach into the screen and pet them*

  3. You are so welcome!!!
    I'm going to keep you posted about the watermelon.

  4. Ooooooooh! Thank you so much! *hugs & kisses* =))) What a cute little watermelon! My father grew some too, but they weren't very tasty. Make sure it gets a lot of water and please, keep us posted. =)
    LOVE your cats! Give them kisses for me. =)

  5. Mmm watermelon! You picked 2 great bloggers to dedicate a post to.

  6. nihrida,
    You are very welcome!
    I hope my watermelon will grow tasty! =)

  7. aww baby melon! so cute =))) I hope it grows up to be very very big =D
    your cats are soo handsome <3

  8. Your watermelon looks very nice and your cats are adorable!