Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Orly Wandering Vine & Enchanted Forest comparison

Index & ring are Orly Wandering Vine;
Middle & pinkie are Orly Enchanted Forest;
Both have been applied 2 coats.From the look of the bottles I thought they had just a slight difference between them but right after I tried them on both,  I was surprised at the difference.
Enchanted forest has a dark overall tone while Wandering Vine is lighter and has a more clean look.
I would suggest that if you are a green polish lover like me and love dark polishes you must have both.
I personally prefer Wandering Vine.
When I started to paint my nails with these, it was sunny outside.
I was very happy to swatch them in the beautifull morning light.
I took my camera and just as I wanted to take a photo the sun was blocked.
Damn... I waited about half an hour (that was very time consuming since i wanted to swatch more polishes...)
until the sun came out.
I hurried up to do some swatches and managed to take a few.
The second photo was taken in strong sunlight.


  1. Thanks for swatching these.
    Bought the lighter version, now I can have a sneak preview.
    They both look very cool, I like green.

  2. Love them both! Thanks for swatching! =)

  3. Thank you for this comparison, it was really helpful ! Love them both :-)

  4. Hmmm...!
    It's a pitty because all the nail polish companies copy themselves.
    I think ORLY had success with the firs dark green and decided to mae a very simmilar one in the next collecion.