Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Other Addiction

Today I was playing around with Jewelleryonpc and decided to show you some designs I made with this software.

This is a Brilliant cut Pink Tourmaline set in platinum.

This is a Marquie cut Diamond set in antique silver.
You can see the influence the background colour has on the stone.
If you don't want the background colour to influence the gemstone, you can always change the stone's transparency.

   Here is a Pear shape cut with Blue Topaz.
   As usual, you can rotate it, change its transparency, zoom in and out etc.

The pear shape Blue Topaz set in antique silver.

Here is a demo of the software that I found:

I found this software a couple of months ago and can't stop using it.
It is really amazing because you get to see the gemstones as if they were in real life.
For the first time I can see the different kinds of cuts.
As a bonus they have got a lovely description for every gemstone and cut, where you can find amazing facts about them.
Thank you Jewelleryonpc for creating this wonderful software for designing my own jewellery and for giving me hours and hours of enjoyement.

What do you think?

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  1. Does the fact that you are designing rings infer that you may have upcoming news in your life..Or you just want to show off more of your Steven from Texas (texpppr AT